It covers ages between 6 and 17 years. Every two years athletes change category:

Pre-Benjamí 3×3: 6-7 years old (1st and 2nd grade of elementary school)
Benjamí 5×5: 8-9 years old (3rd and 4th grade of elementary school)
Aleví: 10-11 years old (5th and 6th grade of elementary school)
Infantil: 12-13 years old (1st and 2nd grade of high school)
Cadet: 14-15 years old (3rd and 4th grade of high school)
Juvenil: 16-17 years old

What does it consist of?

In this formative stage they are taught to play and to be part of a team as well as to improve personal and technical skills.


From the FC Barcelona hockey section, we firmly believe in our function of training people and athletes.

Friendship and companionship

Respect and commitment

Learning and growth